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fierce38000| E-Home Express Services changed intraday trading and stock price fell 5.17% in early trading

Politics 2024-05-23 23:13 10 editor

Beijing time at 21:42 on May 23, 2024fierce38000, shares fluctuated, and their share price fell sharply by 5.17%. As of press time, the stock was trading at US$0.698/share, with a trading volume of 74,682 shares, a turnover rate of 0.42%, and an amplitude of 3.48%.

recentfierce38000Financial report data showed that the stock achieved operating income of US$26.95 million, net income of US$5.17 million, earnings per share of US$1.96, gross profit of US$6.58 million, and a P/E ratio of-0.00 times.

In terms of institutional ratings, there are currently no institutions making "buy, hold, sell" recommendations on the stock.

fierce38000| E-Home Express Services changed intraday trading and stock price fell 5.17% in early trading

In the consumer services industry where eHome Express Services shares are located, the overall decline was 0.25%. Among its related stocks, Monster Power, H & R Block Tax Company, Rollinsfierce38000, Inc. gained a big increase, Huiyouti, Inspire Veterinary Partnersfierce38000, Inc.、e-Home Express is relatively active, with turnover rates of 0.51%, 0.48%, and 0.46%, respectively. Related stocks with large amplitudes include e-Home Express, Huiyouti, and Interactive Strength Inc. The amplitudes were 6.53%, 5.42%, and 4.73%, respectively.

Introduction to e-Home Express Service Company: Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone e-Home Service Co., Ltd. is a domestic service company that provides comprehensive domestic services in China through its website and WeChat platform. Services provided by the company include home appliances and housekeeping services. It mainly runs its business by receiving orders online and providing services offline. Its business is divided into five reportable segments: installation and maintenance, housekeeping services, advanced care services, pharmaceutical product sales and educational consulting services. The group's main source of revenue comes from the installation and maintenance divisions, followed by the housekeeping and advanced care services divisions.

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